Multimodality Talks Series: Children’s interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality

Day:  15 October 2021

Time: 12:00 – 13:30 BST

Place: online

Speaker: Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice, Senior Lecturer in Immersive Storytelling, School of Digital Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK & Senior Research Manager, Dubit

To watch the recorded talk, see here:

This talk will focus on Dr Yamada-Rice’s study of children and VR covering four funded research projects from 2015. The first was an industry project that considered twenty 8–12-years-olds use of Virtual Reality (VR) for entertainment. The second took place as part of the wider MakEY study and looked at children’s making for and with VR. Thirdly, a UK-Japan network on location-based VR experiences and, finally, a co-designed location-based VR experience that was showcased at the V&A museum of childhood called ‘The Village’. This whistle-stop tour of the four projects will include showcasing some of the analysis that used novel multimodal methods that included stop-motion animation and graphic narratives to develop multimodal means for analysis within the context of VR.

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